Blakely's 1st Snow

Linds and Blakes go to Virginia

For Christmas this year Soren got me a cricket (scrapbooking tool) and a trip to Virginia to visit my sister-in-law Sara, since she has one too. It was my first trip back east and was so much fun. Blakely did awesome on all the flights and never so much as fussed once. What a perfect baby!!! It was so nice to visit Hans and Sara and their three cute daughters. Blakely had a blast and enjoyed all the fun girl time with her cousins Sadie, Hannah, and Bella.

Blakely and I barely made it because the weather was so bad. We were totally snowed in. Our first day consisted of tubing and sledding. It was the first snow Blakely had ever seen.

Going down is a lot more fun than going up. Here we are resting before we have to trek back up the hill!

Uncle Hans and Blakely

Nothing like a nice warm bubble bath to warm you up.

One of my favorite parts was having Hans make us his special virgin mojito drinks for our long nights of scrapbooking. Thanks to Sara for all of her help teaching me how. I love her so.

Right after this trip I found out that Sara is pregnant with her 4th....Congrats Hans and Sara! You have such a beautiful family and this new baby is so lucky to be coming to your home.

Disneyland 2010

Disneyland 2010!

After our Rose Bowl loss we needed some good cheering up and what better spot than the 'Happiest place on earth!' We loved our trip to Disneyland. The Carlson's came with us and we all had a blast. Kai's favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. Blakely had so much fun too and I was surprised at how much she could ride. It was a magical experience for everyone and I can't wait to do it again.

We had front row seats to the show...look at all the friends! Kai kept calling Sleeping Beauty's castle "Mickey's house".

Alice picked Kai out of the crowd to dance around as everyone sang "A Very Happy Unbirthday" to him. He loved dancing with Mickey and all the fun characters. He was so cute.

Kai got some cute Mickey ears with his name on them.

Saying "Hi" to Pinocchio!

Can't go to Disneyland without riding the teacups

Disneyland 2010

Kai and mommy riding Dumbo. So fun

Twins! Blakely got a souvenir Minnie doll that looked exactly like her right down to the pink swaddling blankie and bow!

Having fun in tomorrow land. Soren and I both stood in line so Kai could ride it twice in a row. Look at his happy grin!

It was so fun having the Carlson's with us.

Bye Bye Goofy...I'll miss you soooo much!

Rose Bowl

Our Ducks made it to the Rose Bowl this year! My whole family headed down to sunny Cali to spend New Year's rooting our Ducks on. We lost of course, but we were still proud to be there and so happy for the fun vacation still ahead of us.

On our trip down we stopped to give the kids a break from the drive and played at this park. We had fun climbling the trees like little monkeys. Kai's shirt says, "I love my ducks!"

The girls...all "ducked" out at our tailgater picnic party.

I got emotional cheering my ducks on in a sea of yellow and green

Daddy and cute. I tried hard to sneak Blakely in, but unfortunately we had to pay close to $200 for her ticket too!

Sometimes you gotta stand up and cheer for your team even when they loose. We love ya no matter what made us proud.

The Polar Express

This Christmas we took a trip up to snowy Hood River Oregon to ride the Polar Express. They act out the beloved story perfectly as the train takes you on a round trip journey to the North Pole. We enjoyed singing carols, hot cocoa, dancing elves, and meeting Santa! Everything was so real and magical for Kai and it was so fun to experience Christmas from his eyes. We all wore our Christmas pajamas...Kai's were especially cute with trains on them and Blakely looked adorable in her red velet pjs.

We had awesome seats and the best view.

Blakely loved all of the singing and dancing and had a ball. What a fun first Christmas!

Mmmm hot cocoa as thick as melted chocolate bars!

The Real Deal!!! -Kai asked for soccer shoes and tools.

Blakely loved Santa's cool blue ring!

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks!

We had such a nice Thanksgiving at my parents house with all of our family. My favorite part was going around the table and listening to what everyone is grateful for. At the top of my list was my amazing husband, beautiful babies, wonderful family, great friends, and the gospel. I have too many amazing blessings to count and so much to truly be thankful for!

Making turkey crafts...Kai loved it!

Gobble Gobble...Look at our cute turkey!

I am thankful for my sweet Blakely girl!

Family is our greatest blessing

I am grateful for all the love we share. XOXOXOXO


Happy Halloween

Carving pumpkins. Kai said he wanted a "scary pumpkin".

Kai was supposed to be a policeman for Halloween. We already had the costume and were set to go, but whenever people would ask him what he was going to be for Halloween he would say "a scary monster." So we ditched the policeman outfit for this scary monster costume instead. He loved it...especially the 4 arms!

At the church Halloween party. Soren was living his fantasy as Drew Brees.

Getting ready to go into the haunted house.

My step dad David won 1st prize for his awesome split pea soup...It was to die for! (Halloween pun intended). Way to go David!!!

Trunk or Treating

Actual trick or treating. Blakely's ladybug outfit was so super cute I could hardly stand it. She had such a fun 1st Halloween.

Back at the house.

Me, Hailey, and the kids. (nice pumpkins!)

Of course Halloween night also happened to be the Oregon USC football game. So in between trick or treating and passing out candy we watched our Ducks kick some serious Trojan booty. Here Kai is celebrating an Oregon touchdown and eating some Halloween candy.

(You would never know from these pictures that Kai had been super sick earlier this week and was diagnosed with H1N1. We thought Halloween would be out of the question for sure this year, but his fever was down enough for us to get to participate in a few of the holiday's activities. We are so happy you are better Kai. Thank you everyone for your prayers. )