Rose Bowl

Our Ducks made it to the Rose Bowl this year! My whole family headed down to sunny Cali to spend New Year's rooting our Ducks on. We lost of course, but we were still proud to be there and so happy for the fun vacation still ahead of us.

On our trip down we stopped to give the kids a break from the drive and played at this park. We had fun climbling the trees like little monkeys. Kai's shirt says, "I love my ducks!"

The girls...all "ducked" out at our tailgater picnic party.

I got emotional cheering my ducks on in a sea of yellow and green

Daddy and cute. I tried hard to sneak Blakely in, but unfortunately we had to pay close to $200 for her ticket too!

Sometimes you gotta stand up and cheer for your team even when they loose. We love ya no matter what made us proud.

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  1. $200 for a baby! First off-what a rip and second-you guys really are the biggest Ducks fan ever. I was cheering for them that day too. I'm glad you still had fun!