Blakely's 1st Snow

Linds and Blakes go to Virginia

For Christmas this year Soren got me a cricket (scrapbooking tool) and a trip to Virginia to visit my sister-in-law Sara, since she has one too. It was my first trip back east and was so much fun. Blakely did awesome on all the flights and never so much as fussed once. What a perfect baby!!! It was so nice to visit Hans and Sara and their three cute daughters. Blakely had a blast and enjoyed all the fun girl time with her cousins Sadie, Hannah, and Bella.

Blakely and I barely made it because the weather was so bad. We were totally snowed in. Our first day consisted of tubing and sledding. It was the first snow Blakely had ever seen.

Going down is a lot more fun than going up. Here we are resting before we have to trek back up the hill!

Uncle Hans and Blakely

Nothing like a nice warm bubble bath to warm you up.

One of my favorite parts was having Hans make us his special virgin mojito drinks for our long nights of scrapbooking. Thanks to Sara for all of her help teaching me how. I love her so.

Right after this trip I found out that Sara is pregnant with her 4th....Congrats Hans and Sara! You have such a beautiful family and this new baby is so lucky to be coming to your home.


  1. Mmmmm Bubble baths and virgin mojitos... that's what I need right now.

  2. You have the sweetest family, Lindsay! I am so glad that we are neighbors!